Construction of ventilation system of sewer collector, Lviv

Construction of ventilation system of sewer collector, Lviv

Customer: Lvivvodokanal

Year:  2019-2020

ServicesПослуги: Construction of ventilation system of sewer collector


Lvivvodokanal is a municipal enterprise of the city of Lviv, the main task of which is the provision of uninterrupted of water supply and wastewater services to the city residents. Lvivvodokanal announced a tender for the construction of a sewer collector ventilation system and in October 2019 the bidding for determining us as a contractor was completed.

We were faced with the task of eliminating the problem of unpleasant odor in Lviv on Stusa.street


We built a ventilation system of the sewer collector on the. Uhorska – Chervona Kalyna street, which solved the problem with an unpleasant odor in the area of  Stusa street.

In the chamber, which was built, in the underground part there are 2 fans, which draw the gas from the sewer collector and supply it to the ventilation pipe, 11 meters high. Thus, due to forced ventilation, the gases are dissipated at the highest point and do not bother the residents. The automatic gas analyzer measures the concentration of hydrogen sulfide around the clock, and intensity of the fans depends on it.