Reconstruction of the sewage pumping station in Rava Ruska

Situation before the start of work:

Sewage pumping station with a capacity of up to 1300 m3 / day, operated in emergency mode. There were significant problems in the operation of obsolete equipment (wastewater flooded the SPS, and passed along the emergency bypass line, which led to the discharge of wastewater without treatment).


During operation, the building was in disrepair. The maintenance staff had difficulties in carrying out scheduled maintenance of existing equipment. There were no facilities for basic needs, such as bathrooms, as well as a heating system, no hot and cold water.

At the first stage of works in 2018, Aquapolymer Engineering company delivered equipment . As part of this, work was also carried out on the installation of pumping equipment with control automation, installation of ventilation, manufacture and installation of stairs and commissioning.

At the second stage of works in 2019, works were performed and the following equipment was delivered:

  • installation of flow meters with control automation, as well as relevant work on their commissioning;
  • supply and installation of automatic screen for mechanical wastewater treatment and reliable operation of pumps;
  • re-planning and repair of industrial and personal room of the sewage pumping station;
  • installation of an electric heating system;
  • filling of window openings;
  • other additional works, including compaction of the soil with crushed stone, arrangement of concrete steps, arrangement of gutters.


The result of the reconstruction from Aquapolymer Engineering

The result of the reconstruction is highly efficient modern pumping equipment works in automatic mode and ensures uninterrupted operation of the SPS. Accordingly, modern equipment has made it possible to reduce energy consumption of SPS, and savings in cash equivalent.

Perform of works on this project will solve the problem of updating the equipment, the SPS building, will improve the working conditions of employees.

To your attention photo report:

Reference on the reconstruction of SPS