Electrolysis unit Grundfos Selcoperm

Within comprehensive water supply and wastewater project, Aquapolymer Engineering company installed a Grundfos Selcoperm electrolysis unit.

Electrolytic chlorination is a safe, reliable and effective way to disinfect water. This method of water disinfection is one of the most popular in the industry.

Advantages of using Grundfos Selcoperm electrolysis units:

  1. Efficiency. Very effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, reduces the presence of bacteria and viruses to a safe level.
  2. Simplicity. The only necessary components of this electrolysis system are water, sodium chloride and electricity.
  3. Saving. Low operating costs; low maintenance costs and long service life, low power consumption.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Non-toxicity, lack of hard chlorine does not cause evaporation and allergic reactions of the eyes and skin.

To order electrolysis unit

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