Modular tanks

Modular tanks (reservoirs)


Modular tanks (steel reservoirs) have been successfully used to store liquids in the world for 40 years. The galvanized metal framework provides durability of tank. Inside the frame is a plastic insert made of polypropylene, which provides water resistance and longevity.

What are modular tanks?

Modular tanks are special quickly erected technological tanks for storage of a large number of various liquids. Such a tanks have successfully proven themselves in many areas. With:

  • water supply of settlements;
  • stocks of technological and drinking water;
  • storage of fire water and UAN( urea ammonium nitrate);
  • fish, crawfish and shrimp farming;
  • storage of molasses and vegetable oil

Modular tanks from the “Aquapolymer Engineering” company are mounted on the technology of prefabricated buildings, which is used by global manufacturers of industrial tanks for about 40 years.

Design of modular tanks:

  1. Galvanized corrugated frame – creates additional strength of the entire structure of the tank, which is 2-3 times higher than the “smooth” metal sheet. The safety factor of our tanks is 2: 1. Fastening of corrugated sheets is carried out by means of bolts of a class of durability not lower than 8.8.
  2. Tape concrete foundation – tanks are installed on the base with the help of clamps that prevent the displacement of tanks in strong wind gusts or earthquakes up to 7 on the Richter scale. When installing the tank, its entire structure is deepened by 2.37 meters, and after filling the tank is sprinkled and compacted soil at the base.
  3. Roof – Depending on the process and the requirements for tanks, the roof can be made of metal or plastic. Tanks that store irrigation water reserves may not be equipped with a roof.
  4. Polypropylene elastic tab – allows to provide reliable tightness of a structure and water tightness in the course of operation of the tank.

To be able to operate the tanks outdoors in winter, we additionally use insulation and heating tanks. Warming of a design is carried out by means of mineral wool 50-140 mm thick. The tank heating system includes heating elements (heating elements with a capacity of 4-12 kW), temperature control sensors and equipment control. If necessary, if the technological process involves, the tanks are equipped with fittings for the possibility of rapid filling / draining of liquid.

Order modular capacity

“Aquapolymer Engineering” company offers production and installation of standard sizes of modular tanks with a volume of 15 to 5000 m3 with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Application scope

Another very important area of ​​use of modular tanks is watering tanks (water supply for watering in greenhouses, parks, garden centers, football fields, etc.).

Description and characteristics of modular tanks

Why modular tanks?

Taking into account current trends, modular tanks are a quality replacement for steel

  • minimal general construction work – enough strip concrete base;
  • efficiency – the price of modular tanks is lower than the price of metal and concrete tanks with an anticorrosive covering;
  • the quality of the membrane allows you to store drinking water, food and mildly aggressive substances;
  • Tanks are resistant to extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes and hurricanes (wind resistance up to 45 m/sec);
  • full guarantee of 5 years on capacity – galvanized metal sheets have the increased durability, the insert is checked for tightness in factory conditions;
  • quick assembly (disassembly) – tank of 100 m3 is assembled in 1 day;minimum dimensions in disassembled form – capacity of 2000 m3 is transported by one car;
  • no special equipment (crane) is required for installation – tanks up to 1000 m3 can be assembled in basements, hard-to-reach places or areas (mountains, islands);
  • 160 sizes allow you to select tank of any size and volume.

Dimensions and volumes of modular tanks

How to correctly evaluate the characteristics of a modular tank having the following indicators: diameter, height, volume?

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