MakBoxPro 6-200 m3 /day

MakBoxPro Block-modular local treatment plants with a capacity of 6-200 m3/day


MakBoxPro local treatment plants are one of the most modern on the Ukrainian market. These stations are used for wastewater treatment from cottage towns, restaurant and hotel complexes, recreation centers and administrative and industrial buildings. Thanks to the use of the most modern patented technologies of wastewater treatment and materials, the highest and most stable treatment rates are achieved under any operating conditions.

Thanks to the powerful and tight casemade of cellular polypropylene 8 mm thick any options of installation without additional concreting (semi-deep, in high ground waters, etc.) are possible. After the additional treatment module, the water can be used for irrigation, circulating water supply, as well as diverted to drinking and fishery water bodies.

MakBoxPro local treatment plants consist of one or more polypropylene tanks, which can be assembled depending on the treatment capacity, the requirements of the Customer and the available area.

MakBoxPro treatment plants have the same advantages as small MakBoxBio treatment stations.

MakBoxPro 6-200 m3 /day

In addition, they have additional benefits:

1. Basket of garbage delay and additional treatment unit with biofilter are already standard;2. The automation unit allows you to automate the operation of treatment plants depending on the quantity and quality of wastewater entering the treatment. And the additional alarm unit warns of unusual situations;3. The additional sludge dewatering unit on the basis of special bags considerably simplifies procedure of service of treatment plants and allows to receive the stabilized excess sludge for the subsequent use in the form of fertilizer.


In the production of treatment plants we use only high-quality components and equipment: polypropylene IMG (Czech Republic), blowers FPZ (Italy), aerators Gummi Jaeger (Germany), pipes and hoses Rehau (Germany), biofilters GEA (Poland), valves ODE (Italy) ), Schneider automation (Germany), UV lamps Sterilight (Canada).

 Options for drainage of purified water after MakBoxPro local treatment plants(LTP):

  1. Drainage into underground drainage – standard LTP MakBoxPro .
  2. Drainage into the ditch or use for watering – standard LTP MakBoxPro + disinfection unit.
  3. Drainage into the water body for fishery purposes or circulating water supply – standard LTP MakBoxPro + disinfection unit + pressure sand-gravel filter (or standard LTP MakBoxPro + bioplateau).

Overall dimensions table

MakBoxPro 6-200 m3 /day

1 – case; 2 – bottom; 3 – cover; 4 – inlet branch pipe; 5 – outlet branch pipe.

L – length of the treatment plant case; В – width of the treatment plant case;  H – working height of treatment plant; W – height of outlet branch pipe;  H1 – total treatment plant height; Ду – diameter of connections.

Model of statation MakBoxPro-6 MakBoxPro-8 MakBoxPro-10 MakBoxPro-15 MakBoxPro-20 MakBoxPro-25 MakBoxPro-35
Capacity, m3/day 6,0 8,0 10,0 15,0 20,0 25,0 35,0
Users (average) 30 40 50 75 100 125 175
Working volume, m3 7,8 10 14 20 27 38 47
Volume of averager, liters 1400 1600 2000 3000 4000 5000 7000
Electricity, ВW/hour 240 270 480 750 1100 1500 2000
Width B, mm 2160 2160 2160 2160 4500* 4500* 4500*
Length L, mm 2000 2500 3000 4000 3000 4000 5000
Height H, mm 2000 2000 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Weight, kg 700 900 1000 1100 2000 2300 3000
DУ of outlet pipe, mm 110 110 110 160 160 160 160
Pipe branch height n, mm 1400 1400 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000