Engineering and production company “Aquapolymer Engineering” offers equipment for storage, transportation, purification of drinking, rain, domestic and industrial waters in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries.

Our catalog presents typical and non-standard solutions for individuals, production, industrial, municipal and agricultural economic sectors, where there are problems with water supply and sewerage. We place special emphasis on the manufacture of various types of tanks for storage of water, oil, molasses,  UAN, offering agricultural, commercial and processing enterprises modern modular tanks with a service life of up to 50 years.To automate the processes of filling, accounting and transportation of liquids, our engineers will equip the tank with shut-off valves, install sensors to monitor the flow and temperature, install heating elements for storage in winter, pumping and other equipment as needed.

For protection of ecology and environment we offer various purification equipment:

  • grease separators – for wastewater treatment  and removal of fats by gravity;
  • oil separators – for wastewater and rainwater treatment and removal of suspended solids and petroleum products by gravity and mechanical methods;
  • sewage pumping stations (SPS) for pumping groundwater, industrial and domestic wasterwater;
  • biological treatment plants, which are installed to treat wastewater from private homes, cottages, hotels, recreation centers, office buildings, where it is not possible to connect to the central sewer system.

To order standard equipment, you can use the specifications and tabular data in the relevant sections. To design non-standard equipment, you will need the necessary information for engineering calculations and selection of the optimal solution:

  • the volume of wastewater;
  • daily need for drinking water;
  • nominal strategic stock of products, etc.

Any questions left? Our consultants will provide additional information by phone or respond to your email, containing technical task.