Tanks for storage of liquid mineral fertilizers

Tanks for storage of UAN

Tanks for storage of  urea ammonium nitrate(UAN)

Agricultural enterprises use a huge amount of liquid fertilizers for field work. These can be nitrogen fertilizers, ammonia water,  uresa ammonium nitrate (UAN) and other minerals. The leaders of the agro-industrial enterprises face the issue of storage of fertilizers and quick access to chemicals.

Aquapolymer Engineering company offers solutions for agricultural facilities of various forms of ownership – modular tanks for storage of carbomide-ammonium mixtures. Tanks for UAN are made on the European technology of prefabricated constructions. Depending on the amount of fertilizer demand, one or more yanks are purchased, connected by the method of connected vessels for the possibility of operative collection of a certain amount of liquids.

Application scope for tanks for storage of UAN:

  • Farm enterprises;
  • agro-industrial enterprises;
  • trading companies;
  • wholesale suppliers of fertilizers.

The main advantage of CAM storehouses is the availability of mineral fertilizers around the clock, regardless of weather and other external factors.

Design features of tanks for storage of UAN

The main structural elements of UAN tanks are:

  • frame – made of galvanized quality steel;
  • cover – made of plastic or metal;
  • polypropylene insert;
  • plastic membrane.

As an option, according to the requirements of the Customer, the tanks can be additionally insulated, equipped with fittings, metal stairs for tank maintenance. Assembly of the frame is carried out using bolts, which gives the structure additional rigidity and resistance to vibration, earthquakes, gusts of aqually wind. Due to the high-quality plastic membrane, the tanks are airtight and have good performance characteristics.

Advantages of UAN storage tanks

Tanks for storage of liquid mineral fertilizers

What distinguishes tanks for UAN from Aquapolymer Engineering company?

  1. High-quality membrane allows you to store aggressive substances for a long time.
  2. For installation of the tank the tape foundation  is enough, thus there is no need to involve special equipment that will allow to minimize the estimate.
  3. The tanks are compact – tanks up to 2,000 cubic meters can be transported by a single truck.
  4. Modular tanks for CAM can be disassembled and transported to a new installation site if required.
  5. Tanks can be mounted above ground and underground, depending on the installation site.
  6. We offer a ready-made solution – more than 160 standard sizes of tanks, with a volume of 15 to 5000 m³.

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Tanks for storage of liquid mineral fertilizers