Tanks for water supply

Tanks for water supply of human settlements

Tanks for water supply of human settlements

The main elements of the water supply system of villages and cities are tanks for accumulation and temporary storage of water before its supply to treatment plants and the final consumer. In the conditions of constant interruptions with supply of qualitative drinking water, the question of round-the-clock water supply of human settlements becomes actual. Until recently, obsolete welded steel tanks were used for water storage, which served no more than 5-10 years. To solve the problem of rusty water are modular tanks from the Aquapolymer Engineering company, designed by advanced technologies SZE (prefabricated tanks) using quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Application scope

Application scope of tanks from Aquapolymer Engineering are human settlements for which the following problems are actual:

  • interruptions in the supply of drinking water;
  • complete lack of drinking water;
  • emergency condition of existing tanks;
  • water with the content of harmful impurities, which affects the efficiency of the water supply system.

Advantages of our tanks

tanks for water storage

Our company will make standard and non-standard tanks according to the individual project of the Customer. The basis for the tank are:

  • galvanized corrugated steel frame and polypropylene insert;
  • cover made of plastic or metal that can withstand heavy loads;
  • plastic membrane for complete tightness of the tank.

This design ensures the durability of the tanks for the water supply system.

Why order a tank from our company?

  1. The use of a high-quality membrane makes it possible to store drinking water for a long time.
  2. Ability to manufacture tanks with a volume of 15 to 5000 m³.
  3. Quick installation of the structure in the most inaccessible places without the use of special equipment.
  4. Possibility to order underground and aboveground tanks, depending on the tasks.
  5. For installation of tank the tape base that as a whole will reduce the cost of the project is enough.
  6. Additionally, you can order insulation with foamed polystyrene to reduce heat loss in winter
  7. Warranty on the tank 5 years.

Buy modular tanks for water storage

You can order tanks for water supply of human settlements right now, and our consultant will provide all additional information.

Tanks for water supply