Industrial wastewater treatment










The technology of industrial wastewater treatment involves the use of an industrial wastewater treatment station and filtration elements (complex or separate), which allow to separate and remove various impurities and wastes from the technical water. Depending on the further use of treated water, the treatment method is selected:

  • mechanical (MakBoxFil drum sieve, screw dehydrator);
  • chemical (oxidation, chemical neutralization of hazardous compounds);
  • physicochemical (flotation, electrolysis, distillation);
  • physical (vibration, magnetic separation, sonication and UV rays);
  • biological (aeration tanks, biological filtration fields).

If it is necessary to achieve the quality of water discharged into the environment, then you need a comprehensive wastewater treatment, and if the water will be used in a repeated technological cycle, you need a comprehensive treatment to bring water quality to all sanitary standards.

Types of treatment facilities for industrial wastewater treatment:

  • Drum sieve – a device used for pre-mechanical treatment of wastewater from solid impurities and inclusions. Installation of a drum sieve will allow you to catch up to 60% of firm inclusions: sand, big garbage, fats, organic and inorganic suspensions.
  • Screw dehydrator – used for dehydration of industrial and domestic waters containing various mud, abrasives, greasy and oil-containing inclusions.

Aquapolymer Engineering

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