Plastic lining is the creation of a surface protective layer of plastic sheets, which is attached to the surface of the structure.

Aquapolymer Engineering performs lining of various surfaces (including tanks, water towers, metal structures, concrete tanks, etc.) using polypropylene and polyethylene.

Options for application of lining:

  • lining of reservoirs;
  • lining of cisterns and tanks;
  • lining of concrete bases;
  • Lining of facades;
  • lining of cellars and inspection pits;
  • lining of dump truck bodies;
  • lining of various surfaces for different purposes.

When performing lining, the company’s specialists use materials depending on the specific conditions of the technological process, ie the operating conditions of the surface, the presence and duration of the aggressive environment, temperature, the action of mechanical loads are taken into account.

Advantages of lining:

  • long service life – the service life of the lined tank increases significantly due to the protection of the inner walls of the tank against destruction in contact with liquid or bulk substances;
  • resistance to high temperatures – high operating temperature range of tanks (depending on the selected material);
  • resistance to chemical environments – retain their properties even during long-term storage of chemicals;
  • environmental safety – plastic-lined tanks are safe for both the environment and human health and life;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light, frost resistance;
  • reliability and tightness;
  • weight reduction – in comparison with steel lining the load is removed from the main structure and, at the same time, facilitates installation works;


You can get more detailed information about lining services by contacting our staff at the contacts indicated on the website.