Aquapolymer Engineering has been designing, manufacturing and installing treatment systems for drainage, wastewater treatment and disposal for many years. Extensive accumulated theoretical and practical experience of engineers, a huge number of successfully implemented projects throughout Ukraine and abroad allows our experts to raise acute questions and give answers that our readers are looking for.

The “Blog” section touches on topics closely related to water storage and wastewater treatment. The main questions to which we tried to give detailed answers:

  • How to solve water supply problems?
  • Problems and solutions to sewer maintenance problems.
  • Features of stormqater drainage system its components.
  • Design and installation of grease separators.
  • Oil separators at gas stations.
  • Wastewater treatment plants and its impact on the environment.

The “Blog” section is not limited to specialized technical articles. To keep readers interested, we periodically publish informative articles such as “Top 15 Unusual Water Towers” or “Who Lives in the sewer system?”

But we do not stop there. We will use the accumulated experience in the field of water treatment on the basis of the realized projects at writing of articles on the following subjects:

  • Sewage pumping stations, treatment of rain and melt water.
  • Treatment  of industrial wastewater of meat processing industry and slaughterhouses.
  • Removal of grease by means of a flotator, etc.

Maybe you want to see articles on our blog on other special topics? Email us at with your suggestion and we will be sure to write an interesting article answering all your questions.