Underground modular tanks: actual fire tanks in the conditions of war

Underground modular tanks: actual fire tanks in the conditions of war

In the conditions of war, it is very important to create a maximum supply of firewater at industrial and civil infrastructure facilities with an increased risk of ignition in order to quickly localize ignition sources. But how to ensure such a supply of water? An excellent solution in this situation is the construction of underground fire tanks from the company “Aquapolymer Engineering”, since above-ground structures are more vulnerable to damage during shelling.

Underground tanks can be mounted partially or completely buried the ground (the second option is more reliable). Before installation work, it is necessary to prepare a pit with a larger diameter than the size of the tank itself (by 2 m). But first, it is necessary to make sure that the depth of groundwater is below the -3.5 m mark from the base of the structure. Otherwise, you will have to install a partially buried structure or find another place to install the fire tank. After the pit is prepared, it is necessary to arrange a strip foundation on which the tank will be installed.

Next, specialists start assembling the tank: the frame is prepared, which is lined with galvanized corrugated sheet, branch pipes, valves, polypropylene liner, etc. are installed. Before installation, the entire structure is waterproofed to protect the metal from the negative effects of moisture.

Underground tanks are covered with a metal roof with a hatch and rope ladders for structure maintenance. People can move on such a roof, but not equipment. Compared to above-ground buildings, underground structures are not equipped with a heating system for year-round operation, but are only insulated with a layer of thermal insulation: the thickness of the roof insulation is 100 mm, the walls are 50 mm. The bottom of the structure can also be additionally insulated.

Importantly! 1-2 months after the completion of the installation, after waiting for the soil to compact and settle, we advise the customer to make a paving.

We recommend modular tanks for the following facilities:

  • oil refining enterprises;
  • plants and factories;
  • Gas stations and fuel and lubricants storage warehouses;
  • agricultural and agrarian enterprises;
  • recreation centers, boarding houses, zoos, hotels, etc

Aquapolymer Engineering company has developed a line of ready-made project solutions of standard sizes of various volumes, heights and diameters of the structure. The volume of the storage structure is selected taking into account the importance of the object and the area of ​​the territory serviced.

We provide a 5-year warranty for each modular tank. It is possible to equip the tank with additional equipment, depending on the features of fire safety at the facility.

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