Modular tank piping

The basic set of piping includes pipe branches for the filling, drain and overflow, bottom drain, service hatch.

     The water supply to the tank is provided either through the roof (pipe inlet without drain), or through the pipe branch for filling, installed on the side wall of the tank. The pipe branch is a galvanized pipe with a diameter of 32-160 mm with a carving and nuts. The pipe btanch comes to an end with a flange or a carving. The tightness of the drain is provided by rubber gaskets.

Water is taken from the tank either through the drain pipebranch  installed at the bottom of the side wall of the tank, or through the bottom of the tank. Diameter of a lateral drain pipe branch from 32 to 160 mm. The side drain does not completely empty (about 10cm left).

If a full tank drain is required, or the drain diameter exceeds 160 mm, a bottom tank drain is installed. Through the bottom of the tank is performed a pipe (metal, PVC, PE, PP) and compressed by a clamp. The diameter of the bottom drain is not limited.

The overflow is performed through the side pipe branch. This pipe branch is established similarly to a pipe branch for filling only on 5-10 cm above.

The metal roof is equipped with the hatch of 500х500 mm and a rope ladder which fastens to this hatch.

In addition to the basic set of piping, floats, taps, ventilation pipes, ladders, measuring scale, pumps, sensors and other piping elements required by the Customer are installed.

Modular tank piping