Manufacture and installation of MakBoxRainK1300 oil separator and MakBoxRainS1300 sorption filter with a capacity of 65 l/s

Oil separator for the road

Large-scale construction continues. Aquapolymer Engineering manufactured and installed the MakBoxRainK1300-65n oil separator and the MakBoxRainS1300-65n sorption filter

Capacity 65 l/s

We are glad to be involved in these infrastructure projects. Let’s build Ukraine together!

Why oil separators on bridges?

Sewage from highways is polluted with oil leaks, dust, generated by road wear and tire wear, soot resulting fuel combustion products, and anti-icing materials. Therefore, in order to prevent contamination of water bodies with wastewater from the surface of roads and bridges, soils along the highway, which in turn negatively affects the roadside vegetation and protective forest plantations, it is necessary to arrange their organized collection, disposal and treatment.

Aquapolymer Engineering recommends choosing MakBoxRain-C and MakBoxRain-K oil separators for treatment of wastewater from roads and bridges.

The MakBoxRain-C oil aepsrator with a nominal capacity of up to 6 l/sec is a structure made of reinforced concrete lined inside with dense polyethylene or reinforced fiberglass. This separator is mounted in different types of soil when arranging highways and passages of D-class load.

The MakBoxRain-K oil separator with a productivity of 1-400 l/sec is a polyethylene tank of a cellular design which is mounted directly in soil.

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To order a oil separator of for the bridge or the road

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