Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a section of the project documentation for new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of industrial and civil facilities, which determines the feasibility and acceptability of the planned activities and justifies economic, technical, organizational, sanitary, state and other measures to ensure environmental safety.

The EIA section is submitted to the authorized state bodies for expert assessment and must contain an assessment of the impact on the natural, social and man-made environment and substantiate the admissibility of the planned activity.

The EIA section consists of the following subsections:

  • grounds for conducting EIA;
  •  physical and geographical features of the district and the site (route) of construction of the designed object;
  • general characteristics of the designed object;
  • assessment of the impact of the planned activity on the environment;
  • assessment of the impact of the planned activity on the social environment;
  • assessment of the impacts of the planned activity on the technogenic environment;
  • comprehensive measures to ensure the regulatory status of the
  • environment and its security;
  • environmental impact assessment during construction;
  • application about environmental consequences of activities


EIA materials are developed on the basis of engineering-ecological, sanitary-hygienic, engineering-technical surveys and researches on the basis of modern techniques and technical means. The initial data for the EIA are all available background data characterizing the state of the environment in the study area, monitoring data, results of engineering and other surveys of previous years, cartographic, geological and hydrological materials and other information.

EIA development is carried out in the following sequence:

Stage I – implementation of a preliminary assessment and preparation of the terms of reference.

Stage II – conducting research and preparation of a preliminary version of EIA materials. Submission of the EIA section for consideration by the public, which expresses its recommendations and proposals regarding it.

Stage III – preparation of the final version of the EIA, which is approved by the customer and as part of the project documentation is submitted for state environmental review.

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