Frame of modular tank

 The frame of the tank is made of galvanized corrugated steel. Corrugation increases several times the rigidity of the frame. For example, a tank made of corrugated metal with a thickness of 1 mm in stiffness corresponds to a container made of “smooth” metal with a thickness of 4-5 mm.

Technical characteristics of steel

Indicator Unit Value
Thickness mm 0,8-4
Liquidity limit N/mm2 350
Strength limit N/mm2 420
Zinc coating g/m2 275
Sheet size (length, width) mm 3000х1150

The frame of each tank and bolted joints is calculated with a minimum margin of safety – 1.5. The average margin of safety is 2.

The corrugated sheets are connected with special screws that have a strength class of 8.8 and a special semicircular head. In addition to galvanizing, the screws are additionally cobalt coated. Since the screw is mainly in a humid environment, passivation of cobalt by an average of 5 years increases its service life.

Inside the frame, between the insert and galvanized sheets, as well as at the bottom of the tank a protective fabric is installed. High-density waterproof geotextile is used as a protective fabric. Geotextiles prevent friction and abrasion of the insert to the bottom or metal walls of the tank. The thickness of the geotextile is 1 mm.

Tanks are attached to the concrete base with special clamps. Clamps prevent the movement of the empty tank in strong winds and natural disasters.

Frame of modular tank

Frame of modular tank