Sewage pumping station

What are sewage pumping stations and what are they used for?

SPS – sewage pumping station or complex hydraulic structure with special equipment for lifting and pumping groundwater, industrial, domestic and storm water. SPS  are used when free transportation of liquid by gravity is impossible.

Today, classic SPS are widely used around the world for the arragement of drainage from a different buildings and structures. The most typical example is the construction of a vertical arrangement. It easily lifts the liquid from a point below the geodetic mark of the collector, and also allows you to pump it over long distances.

Design and principles of operation of SPS

Sewage pumping station

Structurally, the sewage pumping station is a cylindrical, usually polyethylene tank, in which pipelines, connected pumps, pipes and shut-off valves are mounted. As a filter – a basket that retains trash. The structure is connected to the external utility network, liquid level control systems, treatment plants, etc.

The height of the station, depending on the geodetic conditions, depth and other features, averages 8 m, although in some cases can reach 15 m. The thickness of the body – up to 150 mm.

For maintenance, the station is equipped with an airtight hatch, which prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors, and an automatic control cabinet with the necessary software to control and adjust the work. Stairs and a platform can be arranged separately.

Sewage is forced or freely enters the station. At a given filling level, sensors and floats actuate the submersible pumps. Those, in turn, grind pollution and push out a sewage stream on the pipeline.

Sewage pumping stations are fully autonomous systems that can be used in any climatic conditions.

Advantages of using sewage pumping units

Installation of sewage pumping units has a number of advantages

  • Environmental friendliness. The use of the station allows to transport wastewater, used water or contaminated water as quickly and with minimal damage.
  • Compactness. Modern models are relatively small, do not require a significant area for installation, do not provide free-standing ventilation chambers or reinforced concrete tanks.
  • Savings. Autonomous pump stations are switched on automatically only when necessary, receiving a signal from the sensor. Therefore, operating costs are minimal.
  • Easy to use. KNS do not require complex maintenance. They are maximally automated and in case of malfunction the signal arrives at once to the dispatcher.ера.

In addition, the new SPS have a minimum level of noise and vibration with much higher efficiency. Another advantage of modern sewage pumping stations is the price, which is fully recouped during the operation of the system.

How to choose and buy a sewage pumping station correctly?

Sewage pumping units differ primarily in the characteristics of pumps: power, performance, design, principle of operation. The quality and efficiency of their use depends on the right choice

Basic criteria:

  • Type of wastewater;
  • Depth of the inlet collector;
  • Height of lifting of wastewater and remoteness of a place of transportation;
  • Productivity of wastewater entering the system;
  • Hydrogeological features of the project;
  • Specifics of the terrain;
  • Pump type and control method

You can choose and buy the right sewage pumping station only on the basis of individual calculations. The required operating and maximum power is determined, the dimensions of the system are calculated, the actual equipment is selected, etc.

The design and installation of the SPS should be performed only by specialists, taking into account all construction and engineering standards, to ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of the system.

Order sewage pumping station (SPS)

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