Biological treatment stations

Local sewage treatment plants (autonomous sewerage) are used to treat wastewater from private homes, summer houses, cottages, restaurants, mini-hotels, recreation centers, office buildings, schools, kindergartens in places where there is no connection to the central sewerage system.

Autonomous sewerage

MakBox domestic wastewater treatment technology


Wastewater through the inlet pipe enters the averager(A), passing through the basket (1). Then with the help of the airlift (2) the wastewater is pumped to the aeration tank (B), first falling on the plastic aerated biofilter (3). Thanks to the biofilter with attached aerobic microflora, the bulk of contaminants and surfactants are cleaned. Then, after passing the second zone of the aeration tank, the wastewater enters the secondary settling tank (C), where it is divided into treated water and sludge. The activated sludge is sent for recycling (4) to the biofilter, and the excess sludge (5) to a separate compartment of accumulation and stabilization (D).

From the secondary settling tank, the already trated water can be fed into the drainage system by gravity (9) or by means of a drainage pump.

If it is necessary to discharge treated water into a water body or use for technical purposes (watering, flushing toilets, etc.), an additional treatment unit (E) must be used, which is installed inside the MakBox biological treatment station. This unit consists of a special cleaning filter (6) and an ultraviolet disinfection lamp (7).

The compressor and the control unit are located in a separate dry compartment (8) under the cover.

Additional equipment:

  • Sludge dewatering unit based on special geotextile bags (10), which greatly simplifies the maintenance process. This unit is recommended primarily for local MakBoxPro treatment plants.
  • Level alarm unit in the averager (light or light-sound). It is possible to use a GSM module to transmit a signal to a mobile phone.
  • Outdoor unit of mechanical gratings for garbage retention (recommended for local treatment plants MakBoxPro with a capacity starting of 25 m3/day).
  • Block of automation of treatment plants (used to reduce energy consumption or for seasonal or uneven operation).

         Table of cleaning parameters

Indicator BOCFULL, mg/l CCO, mg/l NH4, mg/l Suspended solids
Inlet(domestic wastewater) 375 480 20 325
Outlet after MakBoxBio station < 12 < 30 < 1 < 11
Outlet after additional treatment unit MakBoxBio < 3 < 14 < 0,5 < 5
Standards for water of fishery water bodies 3 0,5 +25%
Standards for drinking water bodies 3 15 2 +25%
Standards for water of cultural and domestic water bodies 6 30 2 +25%
Standards for irrigation water 30 80 5 50-60%

You can learn more about maintenance here service of treatment plants

To order the autonomous sewerage

You can buy a biological treatment station at Aquapolymer Engineering company. We are engaged in the production, delivery, installation and service of biological treatment stations over Ukraine. To get a consultation / order an autonomous sewerage, call the number 067 245 88 89.