Tanks for storage of oil and molasses

Tanks for oil and molasses: more than 160 standard sizes

Tanks for oil and molasses

The main consumers of tanks for storage of processed sugar beets and sunflower seeds are agricultural enterprises, trade organizations and suppliers of molasses and butter to domestic and European markets. Tanks  are also widely used in the food industry to create stocks of basic ingredients for baking (cakes, cookies, bakery products). Trade companies very often order tanks for the construction of transshipment terminals in ports before sending products for export.

The technology of processing sugar beets and sunflower seeds requires the presence of tanks of different capacity for storage of sunflower oil and molasses, which have special requirements, such as:

  1. Tanks must meet the standards of the food industry and be made of environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Products should not freeze, so the container should maintain the optimum temperature in winter.
  3. The tank must provide rapid drainage and filling of liquids.
  4. Oil storage tanks should take up minimal space.

The above requirements are met by modular tanks from the “Aquapolymer Engineering” company,manufactured using the technology “Prefabricated tanks”.

Design features of modular tanks for oil

Modular capacity consists of the following structural elements:

  • Frame made of corrugated steel, the surface of which is galvanized.
  • Cover made of plastic or steel.
  • Polypropylene insert
  • Insulation to maintain the optimum temperature
  • Connecting fittings
  • Equipment for heating liquids
  • Stairs for tank maintenance.

Different types of piping can be installed in the tank. To maintain the storage temperature of liquids, the tanks are equipped with a heating system and insulated with foamed polystyrene. The tank frames are assembled of  high-quality steel using detachable bolted joints, which provides additional rigidity of the structure. Due to the special membrane, excellent sealing of the tank is achieved, which ensures the durability of liquid storage. The thought-over design allows to disassemble the tank and to mount it in other place if necessary. The cost of tank fot oil is on average 15% higher than for other liquids due to the higher density of products (about 1500 kg / m2).

We provide a warranty on the tanks for a period of 5 years, as we are fully confident in the unsurpassed quality of our tanks and services provided for installation.

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Tanks for storage of oil and molasses