Tanks for watering

ємність для поливу

Creating strategic water stocks for watering greenery, garden trees, crops is a priority for businesses and individuals engaged in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, garden plants and agricultural crops. In order not to become hostage to the situation from the operation of the central water supply, the “Aquapolymer Engineering” company offers modular water tanks that allow to provide a continuous watering of lands, and as a result, a good harvest.

Our modular tanks, in comparison with obsolete welded structures, have one cardinal difference: long service life (up to 50 years), that increases profitability of construction.

Durability of modular tanks is not the only advantage. Application of certified materials according to ECOstandards and technical conditions TU, provides a number of advantages of our production:

  1. Water does not bloom and retains its qualities for a long time due to the installation of an ecological membrane. In a such tanks it is possible to store not only water, but also weakly aggressive liquids at a temperature up to 110˚С.
  2. Installation of tanks can be carried out both outdoors, and indoors, thanks to a compact design. The construction of the tank does not take much time and does not require the involvement of heavy machinery, that reduces the cost of the project.
  3. The cost of erection of a modular tank is 200-300% lower than the cost of construction of reinforced concrete or welded structures.
  4. The small dimensions of the tanks allow you to transport the components to the facility without much effort and financial costs.
  5. The strong corrugated framework is made of corrugated steel with a galvanized covering that increases durability and resistance of tanks to wind gustsd and seismic activity.
  6. Due to the possibility of completing modular tanks with sensors, flow meters, heating elements, shut-off valves, you can solve various tasks and control the functionality of tanks.

Order the modular tank for watering turnkey

Aquapolymer Engineering company offers a range of tank sizes up to 5,000 cubic meters, which allows us to meet any customer requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our managers by phone