Service of treatment plant

Maintenance of treatment plant

sewage treatment plant

The maintenance of treatment plant means a set of measures aimed at maintaining the working condition of engineering systems.

In most cases, business leaders prefer to maintain engineering treatment plants on their own, which requires:

  • Maintain staff, engineers, operators, which entails an increase in the cost of labor.
  • Implement safety measures and comply with occupational safety requirements for the safe performance of service work.
  • Preparation of equipment inspections schedule, develop process maps and instructions for staff.

Improper maintenance of treatment facilities is a path to man-made disasters

sewage treatment plant

The lack of a professional approach to the maintenance of wastewatere treatment plant equipment threatens the owners of the enterprise with serious consequences: overspending of reagents and fines by the controlling state bodies for exceeding the volume of waste generation and discharge. After all, work on the maintenance of local treatment systems requires highly qualified personnel and the availability of special high-cost equipment. Operation of equipment by personnel without appropriate qualifications can provoke rapid failure of utilities and cause irreparable damage to the environment:

  • flooding of the pumping station, collector and other objects with sewage;
  • ingress of large quantities of pollution into areas where people live and provoke an epidemiological situation in the region;
  • pollution of the living environment of animals and fish, storage basins, rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

If your staff does not have experienced professionals or they are engaged in more important tasks, it is advisable to involve third-party competent organizations for the service maintenance of local treatment plants.

Aquapolymer Engineering company offers industrial companies service maintenance of local treatment plants at affordable prices, for which we are fully responsible.

sewage treatment plant

What is included in the set of works?

The volume of work and the cost of service depends on the specifics of the enterprise and the volume of industrial effluents. An approximate list of works is as follows:

  1. Inspection of the technical condition of engineering networks and components.
  2. Chemical and bacteriological analysis of wastewater indicators at the inlet and outlet point;
  3. Proposal and recommendations on treatment technologies and operation of treatment equipment;
  4. Setting modes and efficient operation of equipment;
  5. Commissioning of additional components;
  6. Current, overhaul of the complex of treatment plant;
  7. Cleaning and washing of pipelines, tanks;
  8. Replacement of filters and units (compressors, shut-off valves, sensors, floater, dispensers, etc.);
  1. Maintenance of control and measuring equipment and instrumentation.
  2. Diagnosis of control panels for treatment systems.