Production of two plastic water tanks with a volume of 1 m³, Lviv

Plastic water tank

We completed the production of two plastic water storage tanks with a volume of 1 m3 each. Production took place in the workshop. A standard cylindrical shape of the required height, according to the customer’s request, is selected.

Fields of use of welded plastic tanks:

  • Food (food, liquids, drinking water);
  • Household (technical water, mildly aggressive substances);
  • Chemical and pharmacological;
  • And other.

The Aquapolymer Engineering company manufactures polypropylene tanks to order, available option: urgent 2-3 days. And also welding directly on the object, for example, in such hard-to-reach places as attics, basements, small utility rooms, etc. Or when ordering a large container. We also select the thickness of the plastic for the container walls, according to your needs. When manufacturing tanks, we use special equipment – welding dryers and extruders. But be sure to check the seams for quality.

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