Modular containers for storage of bulk substances

Modular tanks are fast-erected process tanks used mainly for water storage. The unique design of tanks allows you to store grain and other bulk materials in large quantities, which is limited by the volume of tanks.

Typical modular tanks for grain storage consist of a galvanized framework that allows to protect a design of tanks against corrosion and influence of other aggressive factors. Galvanized corrugated sheets of metal are mounted on the frame, which are 200-300% stronger than similar indicators of smooth steel sheets.

The entire structure of the tank is mounted on a conventional strip foundation and attached to the base with special clamps that ensure the stability of the structure against overturning in strong winds. For additional stability, the tank is deepened into the ground by 2.37 m, then compacted. Optionally, each tank can be equipped with a plastic or metal roof.

Advantages of modular tanks for grain storage:

  1. Requires a minimum of construction and excavation work in the arrangement of the foundation and installation of the structure.
  2. The compact sizes of a design in the disassembled kind allow to use a minimum of equipment for transportation of accessories to a place of installation.
  3. Quick assembly of the tank even in hard-to-reach places (basements, mountains). A small tank is assembled in 1-2 days.
  4. Modular tanks can be mounted above ground and underground (with limited space). The structure can withstand wind loads up to 45 m/sec and earthquakes up to 7 on the Richter scale.
  5. More than 160 ready-made standard sizes will allow you to quickly select the required tank for storage of grain and bulk cargo.
  6. The cost of modular tanks is significantly lower than reinforced concrete or plastic structures.
  7. The ability to disassemble and reassemble a modular tank elsewhere is also an undeniable advantage of prefabricated structures.

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