Tanks for crayfish farming

Farming fish, crayfish, shrimp, mussels – a business that begins to make a profit in a short time. You can do it all year round, large investments are not required. The risk is minimized – with the correct arrangement of the habitat, the inhabitants of the tank reproduce well and grow quickly. Previously, farming was done in ponds, but now few people mention them – they were replaced by fish pools. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, they are convenient and practical. At sub-zero temperatures, the water in them does not freeze, which allows you to have fresh product at any time of year.

Features of crayfish farming

Crayfish farming is becoming an increasingly popular occupation, which is understandable: the costs are minimal, and the demand for products is high. This type of business is successfully developing all over the world, it is considered promising and profitable.

MakBox company offers to buy equipment for crayfish farming. It can be installed both on the territory of private houses and fishing enterprises. Shelters are usually built on top to create comfortable conditions for residents.

The process will be successful under certain conditions, namely:

  • the water should be clean, constantly have a temperature of not less than 15 degrees – a decrease will cause crayfish in hibernation and slow growth;
  • no more than 350 individuals can live on one square meter;
  • nutrition should be balanced;
  • sufficient oxygen must enter the tank;
  • There should be only one species of crayfish in each tank.

Under such conditions, investments will pay off quickly. The competition in this type of business is small, which contributes to good sales.

We choose tanks for crayfish farming

The main thing when farming crayfish – choosing the right pond. It can be natural or artificial. Regardless of the type of crayfish, the container requires insulation – in severe frosts, they can die.

Modular tanks for farming crayfish avoid many problems. In the cold season, they can be covered, which will eliminate hibernation, which means productivity will be high. For operation in the winter in addition use heating and warming. The structure is insulated with mineral wool – thickness from 50 to 140 mm. The heating system includes heating elements with a capacity of 4-12 kW, as well as sensors that monitor the temperature and control the equipment.

Tanks for fish farming

Modular fish farming equipment is easy to install and easy to use. Usually for the cultivation of trout, sturgeon and many other species of fish use containers for fish farming height of 1.2 or 1.5 meters and a volume of 13 to 1000 cubic meters They are also suitable for mussels and crayfish.

This type of tanks for fish farming allow you to install aeration systems,they are easily disassembled and assembled, ie quickly transported from one place to another.

Joint keeping of fish and crayfish

The peculiarity of crayfish is omnivorousness. Their diet includes plants, as well as living at the bottom organisms, weakened sick fish, frogs, and various larvae. This suggests that the joint content of crayfish with fish is quite acceptable. It is especially good if the neighbors are thermophilic predators – this will ensure the sanitary well-being of the pool.

container for breeding crayfish

Advantages of working with our company

Our products meet world standards. Due to the galvanized metal frame, steel modular tanks are strong and reliable. The insert made of polypropylene – is located inside the frame, which makes the pool waterproof and increases service life.

The structure is established on the tape base, fastens by clamps. Even with strong gusts of wind, the displacement of the tank is impossible, withstands an earthquake of up to 7 points. It deepens by 2.37 meters, and then, after filling with water, backfilling with soil and compacting it around the base give the structure extra strength.

We manufacture and install modular tanks of various sizes and volumes, warranty – 5 years. It’s easy to contact our managers: the contacts are listed on the site.