With the onset of cold weather, fires became more frequent

Why does the number of fires increase in the cold season?

All this is the fault of the cold and negligent attitude of the people. People actively use electrical and heat generating devices to keep warm in cold weather, which can cause fires if used incorrectly. Many outbreaks occur due to careless handling of fire and non-compliance with fire safety rules in the home and at work.

Consider in more detail the main causes of fire in the autumn-winter period:

  1. Private homes, where stoves and fireplaces are used to heat homes, are most at risk of fire. The use of flammable liquids to ignite stoves and fireplaces significantly increases the likelihood of fires.
  2. Defective electrical appliances and wiring. Homemade heaters are often the cause of fires. The flash also occurs due to aging of the insulation or overload of the wiring due to the turning on of several electrical devices at the same time.
  3. Improper use of gas. With poor heating, many users turn on gas-burners on the stove and often leave them unattended.
  4. Intentional arsons also occur quite often. Unprotected private areas, basements and attics are a favorite place for arsonists.
  5. In case of careless handling of open fire, both children and adults. Left unattended matches or lighters pose huge risks to the whole house.
  6. Fires at industrial and industrial enterprises occur due to insufficient organization of safety measures or violation of fire safety requirements.

How to prevent fires

To minimize the risk of fires in the workplace and in the private sector in winter, it is necessary to follow the rules of fire safety:

  • do not operate the old wiring, do not fasten the wires with nails;
  • do not use non-standard and obsolete fuses;
  • do not use damaged sockets, switches, plugs, circuit breakers, etc .;
  • do not throw burning matches or unextinguished cigarette butts into waste bins and garbage chutes;
  • do not store fuels and lubricants in basements and attics of private houses;
  • do not clutter exits and passageways, escape stairs, balconies, doors;
  • do not light fires near buildings, houses and commercial structures;
  • do not cover the passages in the yards with personal belongings and equipment for the arrival of the fire truck.

Extinguishing the fire

To extinguish fires in small businesses, cottages and holiday villages, it is necessary to have on hand primary fire extinguishing means and fire water supplies, especially for facilities, located far from the fire department. But in the cold season there are problems with storing large reserves of fire water. In this case, the problem can be solved by special above-ground or underground water storage tanks of modular design, which are quickly assembled. To prevent water from freezing in frosty weather, modular fire water storage tanks can be additionally insulated or heated using thermoelctrical heaters.


In our company you will be able to buy modular tanks for firefighting on favorable terms and  the required volume, which depends on the area of ​​the protected territory and the facilities located on it.