Modular tanks in agriculture

In the agricultural industry, the issue of preservation and transportation of drinking water and other liquids used for fertilizing fields, processing and ensuring the efficient operation of farms is quite acute. In the summer season, the peak period of fires, farmers and agrarians very often face the ignition of lands, fields with crops, gardens, plantings. Due to the lack of primary means of firefighting and strategic stocks of fire water, agricultural enterprises suffer huge financial losses.The provision of human settlements with drinking and technical water for agriculture is also an urgent issue due to poor technical condition of utilities and water supply pipelines. Thus, the creation of strategic water stocks is required to ensure drinking, watering greenery, fire extinguishing, cattle farming and other agricultural tasks.

modular fertilizer tanks

All these vital questions will help to solve the modular capacities of Makbox, which service life is not less than 50 years. The tanks are designed in such a way that there is no need to use special equipment for installation, that allows to use small forces to perform installation work in 2-3 days. The tanks have mobility, which allows you to quickly move the equipment to a new location if necessary. For example, rationally move containers for watering seasonal crops.

 Purpose of modular tanks

Practical and reliable tanks for water storage in agriculture have a wider range of applications. Makbox modular tanks are designed in accordance with Ukrainian and international sanitary and hygienic standards. This makes it possible to use tanks for storage of oil, food, fertilizers and even chemicals. They are used for watering gardens, vineyards, greenhouse care and even fish farming.

Modular tanks Makbox for liquids storage, compared to plastic tanks, are not exposed to the negative effects of sunlight, which prevents the appearance of pathogenic bacteria and water blooms. If we compare with welded and reinforced concrete products, the cost of modular tanks will be lower, and the service life is higher due to corrosion-resistant corrugated housing. Due to the quality of the membrane, water and other liquids are not contaminated, which extends the shelf life of products. Modular tanks are resistant to wind gusts up to 45 m/s and earthquakes with an amplitude of up to 6-7 on the Richter scale.

Our company offers more than 160 standard sizes of modular tanks, and also design of the equipment under individual needs of the agricultural enterprises. It is possible to complete the tanks with shut-off valves, sensors, ladders for easy maintenance and control of fluid flow. Order modern modular tanks and solve the most important issues now.