How to prevent the tank against freezing when energy is turned off

The danger of sub-zero temperatures for tanks with drinking, fire or technical water is obvious – at a temperature below 0°C, water turns into ice, which, expanding, can deform and even break the tank.

With the onset of winter, in conditions of constant power outages due to rocket attacks by an inadequate neighbor, various methods are used in everyday life and at work to prevent water storage tank against freezing:

  • If possible, install the tank indoors. Preferably, in a heated area, albeit periodically.
  • Carry out thermal insulation of the tank and shut-off and regulating fittings (taps, valves, pipes). The type and thickness of the thermal insulation layer is selected depending on the average daily temperature.
  • If thermal insulation is not enough, it is necessary to arrange an electric heating of the tank (electric cable, heat tape, immersive electric water heater). Electric heating requires electricity, so you will have to buy a generator or systematically heat the water while it is available. In order for the water to remain warm for a long time and not freeze, it is essential to insulate the tank. For this purpose, you can use mineral wool, which is wrapped around the tank and pulled with a rope. Liquid two-component polyurethane foam with high thermal insulation properties can also be applied to the tank cover. The choice of heating system depends on the budget, thermal insulation, dimensions and material of the tank.

If it is not possible to purchase a generator and a heating system, while the tank is installed in conditions with a minimal risk of water freezing, you can prevent it from freezing by taking a few simple steps:

  • Buy a tank with a larger volume – the more water in the tank, the longer it will not freeze.
  • Prefer round tank to square or rectangular tank – they insulate better against the cold due to a smaller contact surface with air.
  • Periodically inspect the tank, pipelines and fittings for leaks that facilitate to the process of converting the liquid to ice.
  • Avoid tanks with a flat roof (if outdoor installation is planned) – a sloped roof is less likely to form ice.
  • Keep the water in the tank moving (if possible) – moving water requires more frost to turn it into ice.
  • Install the tank underground below the depth of soil freezing (the depth of soil freezing may differ for each region).

Modular tank of various types

If you need to organize the storage of drinking or fire water outside in large quantities, modular tanks will be the best solution. These are steel quick-assembled tanks in which you can store various valuable liquids all year round. For this purpose, modular tanks are equipped with modern thermal insulation, circulation pumps and even heating systems in the form of heating elements.

Depending on the specifics of operation, modular tanks are abpve-ground and underground. The latter are not equipped with heating, only thermal insulation.

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