The principle of operation of the oil separator

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Oil trap as it is also called “oil separator” – technological equipment used for capture, collection and removal of suspended solids and oil products from rainwater. Lack of oil separators at service stations, gas stations, refineries, parking lots, garages, fuel storage facilities leads to pollution of the environment, surface and groundwater with gasoline, oils and other petroleum products.


Importantly! Wastewater treatment will be more efficient if, in combination with an oil separator, grit chambers are installed, which remove mechanical particles from rainwater and ensure the most efficient operation of oil separators.

Depending on the design and method of installation, oil separators are horizontal and vertical. The standard separator is divided into sections into which rainwater,containing excess suspended solids and petroleum products, is fed through the inlet pipe. After the sedimentation of sand and the capture of petroleum products, the purified water is discharged into the environment through the outlet pipe.


MakBox oil separators are very popular in Ukraine. They differ in design, performance, installation method and price. The following indices are used to mark MakBoxRain oil separators:

oil catcher

  • “N” – separators made of polypropylene with a capacity of 15 l / s, which are mounted on reinforced concrete rings or directly in the hole of the appropriate size.
  • “L” – oil separators of the strengthened design made of strong polypropylene. Put in the ground without the need for concreting. They have a standard capacity for this type of treatment plant – up to 15 l / s.
  • “C” – massive reinforced concrete oil separators with a capacity of up to 15 liters per second, which are installed in the ground during road construction works. To raise the device to the design height, use reinforced concrete slabs and rings.
  • “K” – high-performance (1-400 l / sec) units made of cellular polyethylene. Put in the ground without the need for concreting.

oil catcher

Advantages of MakBoxRain oil catchers:

  1. Efficiency. The filtration system captures most types of oil inclusions without the use of pumps and reagents.
  2. Availability. The environmental benefits of installing an oil separator do not outweigh the costs of purchasing and installing it.
  3. Convenience. All accumulated petroleum products are contained in separate sections, where they are simple and easy to remove in storage tanks.
  4. Easy care and maintenance. MakBoxRain oil separators require a minimum of attention and maintenance time.

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