Underground fire water storage tanks

underground fire tanks

Underground modular tanks for fire water storage and creation of fire water stocks are an ideal solution to meet the requirements of fire safety at the facilities of the communal, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

To eliminate large-scale fires, the primary fire extinguishers are not always enough and they are not always available, as a result of which enterprises and individuals incur material losses. Underground reservoirs allow to create large water stocks and increase fire safety at facilities.

Advantages of underground water storage tanks

Depending on the location relative to the earth’s surface, fire water storage tanks are divided into aboveground, semi-underground and underground. Fire tanks of the underground type of installation can be mounted in the conditions of limited space as save a free place on a site. Such a structures have a huge service life. Underground fire water storage  tanks can be located under the carriageway, lawns, process lines and in other hard-to-reach places, where the installation of a tank of the same capacity is technically impossible.

Depending on the type of building material used, the tanks of the underground structure are concrete, modular and plastic. They are all united by one important quality – high corrosion resistance.


Underground concrete tanks

Among the advantages of underground concrete tanks are low thermal conductivity, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. The disadvantages of concrete tanks are:

  • high installation price;
  • high operating costs;
  • long installation of a structure;
  • less durable than modular fire water storage tanks.

Underground plastic containers

The main advantage of plastic structures is corrosion resistance. Tanks made by the technology of rotational molding are quite airtight and can have different shapes with a long service life. Underground fire tanks made of plastic have a light specific weight.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Relatively high cost of the product – high-quality plastic tank is expensive to manufacture and can not be cheap.
  2. Such advantage as ease of a structure, at an underground way of installation turns into an obvious disadvantage. A light tank can be washed away by groundwater.
  3. Fragility of the material – plastic containers under the influence of low and high temperatures become breakable and can crack at any time.

Underground modular tanks

Underground water storage tanks are a modern solution for creating large stocks of fire, technical and even drinking water. A simple strip foundation is required for their erection. You can install a modular tank with a capacity of 100 cubic meters in a day or two. It is not necessary to rent expensive special equipment for installation works – all works are performed manually, even in the conditions of limited space. An important argument in favor of modular fire water storage tanks is the price of material and general construction work. A concrete tank will cost an order of magnitude more.

 Why modular fire water storage tanks?

Underground fire tanks

Underground fire water storage tanks of modular type win on such indicators as cost of production, installation, service, reliability, durability, mobility. The powerful framework provides rigidity of a structure and at the same time is easily disassembled in case of need for reassembly. Modular fire water storage tank will cost significantly less than plastic, concrete structures. In this case, you can save on renting special equipment and trucks. One truck is enough to transport prefabricated elements with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters.

Modular tanks from Aquapolymer Engineering

underground fire tank

Aquapolymer Engineering company is the founder of the technology of modular construction of fire water storage tanks on the territory of Ukraine. Our specialists have made a huge number of solutions for the design and installation of modular tanks not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Contact us, we will definitely offer the best solution for your tasks.