Engineering wells

engineering wells

An important element of the sewer system are underground engineering wells. External communications facilities are used for drainage, inspection and wastewater treatment of sewage system. Sewage wells are installed in case of difference of level of laying pipes, for change of the direction of engineering networks and diameter of the pipeline.

To control the operation of the entire sewer system, the so-called inspection wells are used – installed above the sewer pipe of the mine with an open tray. When do you need to install manholes?

  1. In places of transition of the pipeline from one diameter to another. At slopes of the pipeline.
  2. In case of change of the direction of the sewage pipeline.
  3. At the joints of additional branches of pipes.
  4. On straight sections of the pipeline for the possibility of inspection and cheking.

Types of engineering wells

  Engineering wells, depending on the purpose are divided into:

by design (prefabricated and welded);

  • by type (sewage, drainage, inspection, stormwater);
  • by purpose (linear, nodal, revision, rotary);
  • on depth of occurrence (washing and drop);
  • by material (concrete, metal, plastic).

Each type of well has its direct purpose, but some structures can perform several functions simultaneously. To visually determine the type and purpose of the well, a special marking is applied to the hatch.

All inspection wells have the same design with standardized parameters. The difference may be in the depth of occurrence and performance of engineering communication – prefabricated or welded method (for plastic products).

Today, heavy and more expensive concrete structures have been replaced by practical and inexpensive plastic wells (PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene).

Advantages of plastic wells:

  • resistance to aggressive environments (alkalis, acids);
  • resistance to mechanical influences;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • at installation there is no need for special equipment;
  • there is no need for additional waterproofing;
  • long service life – more than 50 years;
  • easy and convenient transportation due to the low weight of the structure.

Inspection wells are not recommended for fuel collection and in engineering networks under pressure. Each element of the engineering well is important for the efficient operation of the sewer system, so we recommend not to save and buy equipment in the maximum configuration.

Wells in Aquapolymer Engineering

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