Fires at industrial enterprises. Fire tanks

“In the city of Lviv, a fire was extinguished on the territory of one of the industrial fuel storage. enterprise

On March 26, around 4:30 p.m., a fire started in the city of Lviv as a result of shelling on the territory of one of the industrial enterprises for fuel storage.

On March 27 at 05:02 the fire was contained. At 06:49 – liquidated. On March 28, at 9:05 p.m. in one of the human settlements of the Rivne district of the Rivne region, a fire started at a fuel storage facility as a result of a missile strike.

There is no spillage of petroleum products beyond the limits of protective embankment. Rescuers of the State Emergency Service are working at the scene. Extinguishing continues.

There are no casualities or injured.”

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine informs

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This reflects the necessity and importance of having fire tanks on the territory of enterprises. Especially in the conditions of martial law.

Effective firefighting requires a certain amount and pressure of water. It is often impossible or limited to drive through the territory of the enterprise for special equipment. Therefore, for the effective result of fire extinguishing, the presence of a tank is essential.