Manufacture and installation supervision of local treatment plant MakBoxPro with a capacity of 10 m³/day and additional purification unit MakBoxWell city of Vinnytsia

Wastewater treatment plant for enterprise

Aquapolymer Engineering has manufactured and carried out the installation supervision of the MakBoxPro-10 biological wastewater treatment plant and the MakBoxWell additional purification unit.

After wastewater treatment, the purificated water will be stored in a concrete tank for reuse for commercial purposes.

MakBoxPro biological wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 10 m3/day

In a day wastewater treatment plant are able to process 10 m3 of wastewater. Read about the model range of biological treatment plants and their characteristics here.

MakBoxWell additional purification unit

Designation of the additional purification unit

The main task of the additional purification unit is deep additional purification of treated effluents to the norms of discharge into surface water bodies. Sewage treatment is important for the environment – it is to prevent uncorrectable contamination of surface waters and soils. Which adversely affects human, animal and plant health. The additional purification unit ensures the return of already purified water to the natural cycle.

To order wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plants are mounted on a concrete base.

The work lasted 2 working days.

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