Manufacturing and installation of MakBoxFat-N grease separators with a capacity of 2 l/s, Rivne city

Grease separator for manufacture

A new order for food manufacture has been completed. We have made 4 sets of MakBoxFat N-2 grease separators. Installation will take place in reinforced concrete rings.

Grease separators must be in food enterprises and catering establishments.

The purpose of the grease separator

Grease separators are necessary for primary sewage treatment (removal of fats or oils from the wastewater), which will later undergo a more complex cleaning process in local treatment plants.

After treatment process in the grease trap, already relatively degreased effluents enter the sewer pipeline. grease deposits will not accumulate on the walls of the pipes, which means that their permeability will not change, and the probability of clogging will be close to zero.

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Order a grease separator from the manufacturer

You can buy a grease separator by calling 067 245 88 89 or by leaving a request on our website.