Manufacture and installation MakBoxFit grease separator with a capacity of 1 l / s Kyiv city

Capacity of this separator is 1 l / s, It is calculated on 3-5 kitchen sinks in restaurant.

Installation of this model of the separator took place in reinforced concrete rings.

Questions that interested the customer

 What is the main function of a grease separator?

The main function of the grease separator is to trap grease before discharging it to the sewer system.

How often should a grease separator be serviced?

The frequency of service depends on the number of working hours. On average 2 times per month.

How do I calculate the grease separator I need?

The calculation is based on the understanding of the number of kitchen sinks in the restaurant, seats, the number of working hours of restaurant, the amount of wastewater (m³ / day).

What is the warranty and service life of the MakBoxFat-N grease separator?

Warranty for the grease separator is 3 years, the service life of our grease separator is unlimited.

Is it possible to carry out maintenance independently?

Yes of course. Maintenance is easy.

What kind of installation options  are possible?

It depends on the specific case and the existing system with which customers contact us.


MakBox grease separators can be mounted both indoors(under the kitchen sink) and outdoors, in green areas or under driveways, in standard reinforced concrete rings or directly into the ground without additional concreting.


Questions remain, do you want to order a grease separator?

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