Manufacturing and installation of MakBoxBio local treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³/day + UV disinfection lamp and MakBoxFat N-3 grease separator with a capacity of 3 l/s, Zhytomyr region

Autonomous sewage system for the monastery

The Aquapolymer Engineering team has completed work on the facility in Zhytomyr region for the monastery.

MakBoxBio local wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³/day + a UV disinfection lamp and  MakBoxFat N-3 grease separator with a capacity of 3 l/s were manufactured, installed and launched.

The customer had a septic tank on its territory, which they decided to abandon. The reason is the desire to obtain modern sewage treatment plants with better efficiency and a higher degree of purification. And with the possibility of increasing the productivity of treatment facilities in the future.

We offered a complex solution: from the first, receiving well of the septic tank, we pump the sewage into the distribution well. From the distribution well the wastewater enters the treatment plant (there is a place left for the installation of one more such a local treatment plant, in the future the wastewater from the distribution well will be fed to two treatment plants).

After the wastewater treatment plant, an engineering well was installed for purified water from the MakBox station. Discharge is arranged to the river.

Grease separator for a dairy

The MakBoxFat grease separator was installed for a mini dairy(cheese making building) located on the territory of the monastery. For high-quality sewage treatment and adequate operation of sewage treatment plant

Order an autonomous sewage system

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