Manufacture and installation of MakBoxPro local wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³/day. For the small town “Unbreakable mothers” city of Lviv

MakBoxPro wastewater treatment plant

autonomous sewage system for the Nezlamni Matusi project

Work on the new facility has been completed. A MakBoxPro sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³ was manufactured and installed for the small town “Unbreakable mothers” in the city of Lviv

The station is installed classically – on a concrete base.

Discharge of purified water through an additional drainage trench into the pond. Built-in UV disinfection lamp.

Advantages of MakBox treatment plants over competitors

  1. Powerful, durable case (from 80mm), with mandatory stiffening ribs.
  2. Installation is available without additional concreting
  3. High and stable indicators of sewage treatment
  4. After additional purification, the water can be reused for irrigation or drainage into water bodies
  5. An additional sludge dewatering unit simplifies maintenance and allows you to obtain excess sludge in the form of fertilizer.
  6. We provide service and maintenance of MakBox wastewater treatment facilities
  7. We solve the problems of lack of sewage for public and private institutions.

Order treatment facilities

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