Production and installation of local MakBoxPro treatment plant with a capacity of 25 m³ / day, Ivano-Frankivsk

Production and installation of MakBoxPro-25 local treatment plant, Ivano-Frankivsk

Local treatment plant (LTP) MakBoxPro-25 (25 m3 / day) – rectangular (in plan) treatment plant. After the additional purification unit, the water can be used for irrigation, circulating water supply, as well as charged to drinking and fishery water bodies.

According to the technological scheme of domestic wastewater through the self-flowing network enters the sewage pumping station, where the pump is pumped it into the averaging unit, where there an equalization of flow and concentration of wastewater is done. Prevention of precipitation of suspended solids in the averaging unit is achieved by supplying air injected by the compressor.

Pumping of sewage for further treatment from the averaging unit is carried out by means of airlifts.

Installation of treatment plant is carried out on a concrete basis.

MakBoxPro local treatment plant is are the ideal solution for:

  • cottage townships;
  • restaurant and hotel complexes, recreation centers;
  • administrative and industrial buildings;

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