Production and installation of local treatment plant MakBoxPro with a capacity of 20 m³/day and grease separator MakBoxFit under the kitchen sink Lviv region, village of Rybnyk

WastewaterTreatment plant for the recreation center

The manufacture and installation of treatment facilities for “Rybnychanka” recreation center has been completed. Location – Lviv region, village of Rybnyk.

There are the hotel, restaurant and garden houses on recreation center. Therefore, based on the needs of the client, we offered a comprehensive solution for the supply of the following equipment:

  • biological treatment station MakBoxPro with a capacity of 20 m³ / day (non-standard) – 1 pc.;
  • technological house for compressors – 1 pc.;
  • grease separator MakBoxFit with a capacity of 0.1 l/s – 3 pcs.;
  • grease separator MakBoxFit with a capacity of 0.2 l/s – 1 pc.

We also performed all turnkey works, including laying networks and preparing the concrete base for the sewage treatment plant and commissioning the equipment.

Advantages of the MakBoxPro wastewater treatment plant

  1. Complete biological treatment of sewage.
  2. A large receiving compartment that allows you to receive volley wastewater discharges.
  3. A garbage basket for is already included in the standard option. A purification unit with a biofilter and a additional post-treatment unit.
  4. Aeration system based on EPDM membranes
  5. The automation unit allows you to automate the operation of treatment plant depending on the amount and quality of wastewater entering for treatment. An additional alarm unit warns of non-standard situations;
  6. An additional sludge dewatering unit based on special bags greatly simplifies the maintenance procedure of wastewater treatment plants and allows obtaining stabilized excess sludge for further use as fertilizer.

You can view the feedback from the customer here.

Order an autonomous sewage system for a recreation center

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