Fire water storage tanks with a volume of 197 m³ Kyiv region


A new facility in the Kyiv region has been completed. Aquapolymer Engineering has manufactured and installed two tanks for fire water supply.

Each of the tanks has a volume of 197 m³

Tank  MakBox

Dimensions: d 7.3 m and h 4.7 m

Tanks are completed with: branch pipes of an entrance, an exit, overflow; external metal ladder; polystyrene insulation; heating system (thermoelectric heater, temperature sensor, control cabinet); metal roof.

The works were carried out for one week

Aquapolymer Engineering company offers to buy a tank for drinking water, industrial water and fertilizers.

Advantages of the modular tank

  1. Does not require a large number of general construction works. You can use a tape foundation.
  2. Possibility of insulation and heating. The heating is switched on automatically, depending on the temperatures outside and inside the tank, only when the temperature goes down below the set value.
  3. Fluid availability throughout the year 24/7.
  4. Resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  5. Ability to make the required volume of the tank in different dimensions (height and diameter).
  6. Wide dimensional range. We produce tanks with a volume of 20 to 4000 m3. Examples of works can be seen here.

Order the water tank

You can get know the price and get a consultation by calling 067 245 88 89