Storage tank for UAN (mineral fertilizers) 3000 m³ in Cherkasy city

Modular tank of 3000 m³ for storage of UAN

Modular tank of 4000 m³ for storage of UAN

Tank design

The tank consists of three main parts:

1) metal frame made of profiled galvanized steel on both sides (sheets) with a thickness of 1 to 4 mm;

2) polypropylene elastic insert, 1 mm thick, which is placed inside the tank and in direct contact with the liquid;

3) metal roof, the frame of which is made of profiled galvanized pipe and covered with galvanized sheet or corrugated board (at the street location of the tank);

4) plastic stretch roof (when installing the tank indoors).

Normative ambient temperature during tank operation: from – 30 to + 60 °C. Liquid temperature: from 0 to + 60 °C. The tank is designed for both year-round and seasonal operation.


Scope of application of modular tanks from Aquapolymer Engineering

The “MakBox” tank from Aquapolymer Engineering is designed for storage of drinking or technical water, including for storage of fire water, and also UAN (liquid mineral fertilizers), sunflower oil, molasses and other fire and explosion-proof liquids.