Tank for storage of liquid fertilizers 3,000 m³ in the city of Cherkasy

Tank for liquid fertilizers

Aquapolymer Engineering has completed the installation of a tank for storage of liquid fertilizers with a capacity of 3 000 m3

This is one of the largest tanks in our line. Aquapolymer Engineering is almost the only one in Ukraine who has access to technologies for the manufacture and installation of modular tanks of this capacity.

Our company was able to organize a fleet of three modular tanks with a total volume of 9,000 m3. This is the third tank produced for this customer.

You are our client if your field of activity is:

  • Wholesale of fertilizers
  • Agro-industry
  • Farming

Storage of UAN in modular tanks

Storing liquid fertilizers in MakBox tanks is as comfortable and profitable as possible. After all, buying a tank once, you can buy the right amount of fertilizer and freely use them for your own needs or resale.

 Advantages and opportunities of MakBox

  1. Enough minimal general construction work – tape foundation.
  2. Speed ​​of installation of tank – the tank with capacity of 100m3 is collected by our specialists in 1 day.
  3. The modular tank consists of a polypropylene membrane, which is tested for tightness at the factory.
  4. Resistance to temperature fluctuations
  5. And also, resistance to extreme weather conditions: earthquakes and hurricanes. The tank can withstand wind resistance up to 45 m/s
  6. The function of tank insulation and organization of the heating system is available, which allows to operate the tank all year round.
  7. The service life of 50 years is much longer than, for example, the use of flexible tanks whose service life is 10 years.
  8. Full warranty on the tank for 5 years.
  9. Free access to fertilizers 24/7
  10. We offer a choice of more than 160 ready-made tank options and design according to customer needs.

Photos from the object:

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