Manufacture and installation of an underground fire modular tank with a volume of 156 m³, Zhytomyr region.

Underground fire tank

We work tirelessly! We do not stop fulfilling orders of various complexity. The manufacture and installation of a modular underground tank in the Zhytomyr region has been completed.

The purpose is a fire-fighting water supply.


V = 156 m³,

 Ø9.2 m,

 H = 2.4 m

Complete set: metal roof with service hatch and rope ladder; branch pipes(inlet, outlet, overflow).

Protection of the tank: treatment of the walls with waterproofing material and additional stiffness rings.

When manufacturing the tank, we use a polypropylene hermetic membrane. Which is welded and checked in factory conditions. The quality of this membrane allows you to store drinking water, food products and slightly aggressive substances.

Advantages of MakBoxTank modular tanks

  1. We work “turnkey”. We have our own design department and special equipment.
  2. Fast delivery and installation.
  3. Easy disassembly of the tank and reassembly in another location – if necessary.
  4. The available documents are certificates and sanitary and hygienic conclusions
  5. The best price is lower than analogs made of concrete or smooth metal.
  6. Warranty 5 years.

Order a fire tank

You can find out the price and get a consultation by calling 067 245 88 89