Manufacture and installation of a modular tank with a volume of 25 m³ village of Tsyhany, Chortkiv district, Ternopil region

Tank for watering

The production and installation of a modular tank with capacity of 25 m³ has been completed. The purpose is storing water for watering seedlings. The customer is State Enterprise “Chortkiv Forestry”.

We received this order as tender winners.

Location – village of Tsyhanys, Chortkiv district, Ternopil region.

Characteristics of the MakBoxTank modular reservoir with a plastic roof: V = 25 m³; Ø3.7 m; H = 2.4 m.

Complete set: branch pipes (supply, inlet, drain, overflow), plastic roof, rope ladder.

Since the capacity will be used exclusively seasonally, additional insulation and heating is not provided.

The warranty period of operation is 5 years

The normative term of operation is 30 years.

The tank is manufactured according to TU U 25.2-39422720-001: 2016

How the modular tank is assembled?

  1. We place the first sheets and connect them together with specialized screws that have a strength class of 8.8 and a special semicircular head.
  2. Inside the frame, between the insert and galvanized sheets, as well as on the bottom of the container, we install a high-density waterproof geotextile. To prevent friction and abrasion of the membrane to the bottom or metal walls of the tank. The thickness of the textile is 1 mm.
  3. We fasten the tank to the concrete base with special fasteners. Which prevent the movement of the empty tank during strong winds and natural disasters.
  4. We install a black polypropylene membrane. Which is tested for tightness by excess pressure in factory conditions. The membrane is attached to the tank frame with screws through the eyelets or with a tightening belt.
  5. We install the branch pipes, seal the joints.
  6. We install a plastic roof.

The work is completed. Spent 4 working hours.

The installation process of this particular tank can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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