Manufacture and installation of underground tanks with a capacity of 30 m³, Skole district, Lviv region

Underground tank for water storage

Installation of underground modular tanks in Skole district of Lviv region has been completed. 30m3 twins were made for the customer.

Tank parameters D = 3.7m H = 2.9m

Complete set of inlet and outlet branch pipes, metal roof, rope ladder.

Protection of the tank – because the tank is recessed, the walls are coated with a special bituminous agent. Additional stiffening rings are available to restraint of soil pressure.

The installation was carried out in difficult conditions, which can be seen in the photo from the object.

Advantages of underground water tanks

  1. Thanks to the underground installation system, the liquid in the tank does not freeze.
  2. Save space – you can walk on the metal roof of the tank. But driving is forbidden.
  3. The tank is equipped with a service hatch and a rope ladder.
  4. Low installation costs – no lifting equipment required
  5. Unpretentious maintenance – cleaning the tank on average once every 2 years
  6. We provide a guarantee – 5 years!

Order the tank for technical water

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