Manufacture and installation of a modular tank with a volume of 42 m³ city of Lviv

Tank for water storage

The Aquapolymer Engineering team completed the manuracture and installation of a modular tank at a new facility in the city of Lviv.

The purpose is a year-round supply of technical water

MakBox tank

V = 42 m³,

Ø3.7 m,

H=4.1 m.

Complete set: branch pipes (inlet, outlet, overflow); metal roof with service hatch and rope ladder; insulation with expanded polystyrene and heating by a 4 kW heater and an external metal ladder.

Heating for a modular tank

If the customer wishes, the tank can be used year-round, and the water is rarely renewed – we always offer thermal insulation and heating of the tank. In this case, we used 50 mm thick foam as insulation for the walls. And extruded polystyrene foam of high density for the roof.

We care about the high quality of the products we sell. Therefore, we use high-quality materials and components. For example, in thermaly insulated tanks, heating elements work for a total of no more than 1 month per year – low energy consumption.

The system for heating the liquid in the tank consists of heating elements (or immersion heating cables), temperature sensors and a control system. If the temperature behind the sensor drops to the minimum (usually +1°C), the heater is turned on.

Order a modular tank

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