Manufacture and installation of an underground modular tank with a capacity of 56 m³, Kovel, Volyn region

Underground tank for water supply

The Aquapolymer Engineering team has completed the manufacture and installation of an underground reservoir for water supply in the city of Kovel, Volyn region. The purpose of the tank – watering the stadium

MakBoxTank features:

V = 56 m³; Ø5.5m; H = 2.4m

Standard equipment: inlet and outlet branch pipes, metal roof and rope ladder.

The tank is equipped with the shelf for pumping equipment

Tank protection: additional stiffening rings and bituminous waterproofing treatment.

For the customer it is necessary to provide not only the need for water supply at the optimal price, but also to meet the aesthetic requirements of the final view of the territory. That is why the project of an underground modular tank was proposed and implemented.

Advantages of MakBoxTank eservoirs

  1. The frame of the tank is made of corrugated galvanized steel
  2. Requires a minimum number of general construction works.
  3. Mobility – a tank of up to 2000 m3 is delivered to the site by one truck.
  4. We use a polypropylene sealed membrane – the liquid does not come into contact with metal.
  5. Our tank and membrane are certified and have all the necessary documents.
  6. Simplicity of equipment for watering, fire protection system and other household needs.
  7. 60-month warranty!

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