Manufacturing and installation of a modular tank with a volume of 56 m³,Prylbychi village, Lviv region

Fire tank for school

An underground modular tank for firewater supply was manufactured and installed. The location is a school in the village of Prylbychi, Yavorivsky district, Lviv region.

MakBox underground tank with a metal roof,

V = 56 m³

D= 5,5 m,

H=2,4 m,

Complete set: branch pipes (input, output, overflow Du110); a metal insulated roof with a service hatch and a rope ladder; insulation with expanded polystyrene.

Protection of the tank: additional rigidity rings and – treatment with bituminous coating, as waterproofing

A fire tank is is one of the most important means of ensuring fire safety, especially in schools.

A tank with a stock of water should be had if:

  • Taking water from the watersupply pipeline is unprofitable or impossible for technical reasons;
  • The water pressure from this watersupply pipeline or its quantity is insufficient for effective firefighting;
  • Impossible or limited reach of special equipment.
  • There is always an urgent need for fire tanks in any public places, especially when there is a large agglomerate of children

Advantages of an underground tank

  • The structure is quickly assembled.
  • The metal roof withstands the snow load.
  • We install any piping – according to your request.
  • The saving on heating.
  • Tank warranty – 5 years!

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