Manufacture and installation of a MakBoxBio local treatment plant with a capacity of 1 m³/day Lviv region

Autonomous sewage system

The Aquapolymer Engineering team manufactured and installed the MakBoxBio autonomous wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1 m³/day for a small family. Location – Lviv region.

How a wastewater treatment plant works

MakBoxBio is a tank divided into functional compartments. When wastewater flows step by step through these compartments, the cleaning process takes place.

The work process begins when wastewater enters the basket and an averager through the inlet pipeline.

The next stage is an airlift that pumps water to the aeration tank, first to the plastic aerated biofilter.

Thanks to the biofilter with attached aerobic microflora, the main volume of pollutants and synthetic surfactants is cleaned.

After passing through the second zone of the aeration tank, the effluent enters the secondary sedimentation tank, where it is separated into purified water and sludge.

Next, the activated sludge is sent for further recirculation to the biofilter, and the excess sludge is fed into a separate storage and stabilization compartment.

Already purified water from the secondary sedimentation tank can be supplied to the drainage system by gravity or with the help of a drainage pump.

Why a wastewater treatment plant is better

The usefullness of local treatment plant lies in the purification of wastewater to the state of conditionally clean water – without color and extraneous odor.

After disinfection with a UV lamp, such  a water can be discharged into water bodies.

As a result of complete biological treatment, we return clean water to the environment without disturbing the natural water cycle.

Order an autonomous sewage system from the manufacturer

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