Manufacture and installation of local treatment plant MakBoxBio with a capacity of 6 m³/day village of Volia Vysotska Lviv region

Autonomous treatment plant MakBoxBio

Aquapolymer Engineering has completed work on the site in villageof Volia Vysotska, Zhovkva district, Lviv region for a preschool educational institution.

Installation and commissioning works for the local wastewater treatment plant MakBoxBio with a capacity of 6 m3/day with a UV disinfection lamp were performed.

We offer wastewater treatment plants of own production. We select and consult according to the norms of DBN.

Advantages of MakBoxBio

  1. Minimum general construction work required for the installation of the station.
  2. Large receiving compartment that allows you to receive volley discharges of sewage, and also serves to retain grease and sand. Additional equipment with a garbage collection basket is possible.
  3. The station uses an aeration system based on EPDM membranes Gummi Yaeger (Germany) and a compressor Secoh (Japan), which is the basis of reliable and uninterrupted operation of the treatment station.
  4. Aerated plastic biofilter GEA (Poland), which allows high-quality treatment of wastewater with a high content of detergents (surfactants) and improves treatment parameters.
  5. We have provided a separate compartment for the accumulation of excess activated sludge – which prevents siltation of the station, removal of sludge into the drainage system and allows you to maintain the station MakBoxBio only 2 times a year
  6. A floating biofilm removal device in the secondary settling tank and a hair filter improve the operation of the station.
  7. The installation of a biofilter for additional purification and an ultraviolet disinfection lamp allows discharging the purified water into open water bodies and using it for irrigation.
  8. MakBoxBio is completely safe and quiet, so it will not disturb children.

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