Manufacture and installation of local treatment plant MakBoxBio with a capacity of 1,5 m³/day. Lviv region

Wastewater treatment plant for the Cultural Center

Manufacture and installation of local wastewater treatment plant MakBoxBio with a capacity of 1,5 m³ / day for Cultural Center in Lviv region has been completed. The installation was carried out into reinforced concrete rings, based on the specifics of the soil and high groundwater level at the site.

This model of MakBoxBio treatment plant has a working volume of 2,6 m³ and is capable of cleaning 1,5 m³ /day of sewage.

Photos from the object:

The most common issues that accompany the purchase of our treatment equipment are the main advantages of our MakBox treatment plants over the imperfect analogues available on the Ukrainian market and other competitors.

Advantages of MakBoxBio

  1. Certified local treatment plant. All the necessary documentation is available, which is important for private facilities and especially important for public, administrative and other facilities.
  2. Autonomous work – without additional participation of the owner.
  3. Sewage treatment up to 98%
  4. The treatment plant is safe for children, animals and adults.
  5. No unpleasant odor.
  6. The station works silently.
  7. Ease of maintenance – 2 times a year.
  8. Warranty 3 years, unlimited service life.
  9. You pay money for what really works.

Order treatment plant

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